We Loan Cash Fast Against Your Vehicle

With No Credit Checks, Employment Checks & No Financials Required

The Process

Every now and then we find ourselves short of cash for the things we need to do. Express Lenders provides fast, short-term cash loans to get you through those hard times.

Securing a quick, cash loan against your asset (ie:- your car or any other vehicle) is easy with Express Lenders.

Pawn Or Hock Your Vehicle To Secure Your Short Term Loan

We will lend you up to 60% of the wholesale value of your unencumbered (fully owned) asset – whether it be a car, motorbike, ute, truck, caravan, boat or even a jet ski.

All we require is the following:-

  • Two forms of identification (one form of photo ID)
  • The vehicle’s registration certificate
  • The item must be unencumbered (ie:- there is no money owing on the vehicle)
  • The vehicle must be in good condition, less than 10 yrs old and must have less than 200,000 km’s on the clock
  • Your vehicle to be stored at our secure premises for the duration of the loan.

Period of the Loan

Usually our cash loans are for a term of 90 days. There is however no minimum time to wait before paying for, and collecting your vehicle. Note:- If you wish to pay off your loan within the first 14 days that’s no problem and you will even be eligible for a discount in interest.

Unable to Pay Within 90 days?

If you are unable to pay out the loan within the 90 day period, you will be able to pay the interest and extend your loan for another month.

Vehicle Valuation

We offer a fair and reasonable valuation against your car, which is used as collateral. The car must be unencumbered and owned by you. Like any vehicle valuation, the year, make, model, mileage and condition of the vehicle will impact the valuation.

Vehicle Storage

Your vehicle will be securely stored while awaiting your repayment of the cash loan. We do require 24-48 hours notice prior to collection, so we can finalise everything and return your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Loan against your asset. Loan against your car, hock your ride or vehicle, loan against your motorbike, or loan against your boat or caravan. Our unique asset loan services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba provide an easy short term solution when you require an instant cash loan, quick finance, with no credit or employment checks.