Fast Short-Term Cash Loans for Businesses – Funds approved in minutes without any credit checks or unnecessary paperwork.

Many of our clients are small to medium business owners who experience cash flow issues from time to time and need quick, short term finance to get them through.

In fact, cash flow problems are the biggest concern of over 80% of all small business owners in Australia, and unfortunately, many banks no longer make it easy for these businesses to lend money on a short term basis, without loads of loan paperwork and delays.

We provide short term business loans (up to 90 days duration) from $2,000 to $50,000 to businesses against assets you own.  As specialist vehicle pawnbrokers and second hand dealers (Lic No: 3655902) we will lend  up to 60% of the wholesale value of any vehicle, provided it is unencumbered (ie:- there is no money owed on it) and is in good condition.

Our discreet, hassle free, cash loan service means that many of our business clients use Express Lenders on a regular basis.  And our professional, superior customer service is unmatched in our industry, because we believe in offering you a fair loan value and building a relationship with you, first and foremost.

How the process works

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