Loan against your Caravan, Camper Trailer or  Motorhome to pay those unexpected bills.

Pawn Caravan, Motor Home or Camper for Instant Cash Loan

Express Lenders (Lic No. 3655902) specialise in providing fast, short term cash loans against caravans, motor homes and camper trailers.

As specialists in valuing vehicles (including caravans and motorhomes) we provide you with a fair loan amount (from $1500 to $50,000) based on the value of your caravan or motor home. We will also store your asset in our fully secure (covered, or uncovered – its up to you) premises for the duration of the loan. No credit checks or employment checks are necessary.

We provide fast, short term cash loans against all caravan brands such as Avan, Bushmaster, Avida, Coromal, Diamond, Galaxy, Crusader, Concept etc.

You can hock your caravan, motor home or camper for fast cash regardless of its make and size.

Express Lenders are a Licenced Pawn Broker and Dealer in Second Hand Goods. Our Department of Fair Trading, QLD Licence No is 3655902. We are also a Registered Company with ASIC (Australian Security and Investment Commission No:- 165091190).

For more information on how the process works call 1300 722 126.