Loan Against Your Vehicle Asset – Car, Truck, Ute, Boat, Caravan

As a Licensed private lender within Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Express Lenders specialise in secure, no fuss loans against cars and other vehicles. We lend money to business people and individuals who need cash fast and who don’t wish to go through all the credit/employment checks and paperwork often required when borrowing from larger lending institutions.

No Credit or Employment Checks

As a licensed specialist car and vehicle pawnbroker (license no. 3655902) we can provide loans to those with a bad credit history and offer discreet, flexible loans based on the value of your vehicle, such as a car, ute, motorbike, boat, caravan, truck, or jet ski.

Express Lenders will value your vehicle, ask for identification and registration papers and then agree (with you) on a cash value we will loan you. We are able to provide an accurate and fair value on your vehicle by storing it at our safe and secure premises.

So if you want to secure a fast loan, with no credit checks, and you have an unencumbered vehicle, please call us on 1300 722 126 or apply for a quick loan by email today.

Express Lenders are a Licenced Pawn Broker and Dealer in Second Hand Goods. Our Department of Fair Trading, QLD Licence No is 3655902. We are also a Registered Company with ASIC (Australian Security and Investment Commission No:- 165091190).

More about the Qld Second Hand Dealers & Pawnbrokers Act

We service the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba regions.

Loan against your car, loan against your motorbike, or loan against your boat or caravan. Our unique vehicle pawnbroker and loan services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba provide an easy, short term solution when you require an instant cash loan, quick finance, with no credit checks.